at all times

around-the-clock nursing care

Similar to: ↑continuous, ↑uninterrupted

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/rownd"dheuh klok"/, adj.

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round-the-clockˈ adjective
Lasting through the day and night, twenty-four-hour (also adverb, without hyphens)
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Main Entry:round

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round-the-clock UK US adjective
happening or done all day and all night
Thesaurus: all the time and alwayssynonym

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round-the-clock «ROWND thuh KLOK», adjective, adverb.
continual; unceasing; around-the-clock: round-the-clock protection. »

[He] told the Senate he hoped for a vote on his motion by the end of the week, even if he had to force round-the-clock sessions (Wall Street Journal).

throughout the day and night; without stopping: »

to work round-the-clock.

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adj. lasting all day and all night

round-the-clock surveillance

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adj, always used before a noun

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ˌround-the-ˈclock [round-the-clock] (also aˌround-the-ˈclock) adjective only before noun
lasting or happening all day and night

round-the-clock nursing care

see also clock
See also:around-the-clock  
Example Bank:

His family kept a round-the-clock vigil at his bedside.

Round-the-clock police surveillance was necessary.

The army provided round-the-clock protection.

The nursing home provides round-the-clock medical care.

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